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Founded in 1803, St Patrick’s has grown to become a well-established educational institution, st. patrick’s welcoming students from all around the world to our college campuses in London.
st. patrick’s partnerships with some of the most established and innovative names in UK education, offering HNDs and undergraduate programs in many subjects. Through our facilities and highly experienced tutors, these programs deliver the skills and knowledge that bring successful careers.

When St Patrick’s launched it taught English language, computing, and business management, with accountancy added later. Since 1998 St Patrick’s grew into a major international educational institution, teaching diplomas and degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. In 2009, demand for places soared so much that St Patrick’s acquired an additional building in Soho.

St. Patrick’s is now a leading provider of vocational qualifications, with a strong focus on widening participation.
London is the perfect place to launch a global career, and gain a truly unique student experience. St Patrick’s campuses place international business headquarters, culture, art, design, music and a world of opportunity on your doorstep. London is the ideal place to make a positive impact and lifelong friends.
Since being founded in 1803, St Patrick’s has evolved into one of the leading alternative providers of education, welcoming students from all backgrounds. St Patrick’s take great pride in student success and actively encourage development of the skills and fresh perspectives needed to thrive in any job around the world.



HND Business Management
HND Hospitality Management
HND Health and Social Care Management
HND Information Systems Engineering (ISE)
HND Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems

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