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American College was founded in 1975. Its mission was to provide high-quality education that would satisfy the needs of its students. It started as a private institute teaching accounting and English language and in 1979 it commenced offering its first higher education program of study – the one year program in secretarial studies.

In 1985 the College introduced its first two year programs in Business Studies, Computer Studies, Hotel Management and Travel & Tourism. In 1986 the College established its first academic links with universities abroad and in 1988 American College admitted its first international students. One year later the College started offering its first bachelor degrees and since then there has been a continuous addition of programs of study. In 2005 the College introduced its first postgraduate program – the Master in Business Administration.

Today, American College is a leading international College offering world-class undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Through its broad range of programs, the College provides students from Cyprus and around the world with the depth of understanding and intellectual flexibility they need to respond to the challenges they will face in the years to come. American College sustains a superior faculty dedicated to excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and research. The College strategic goal is to continue meeting the needs of its students and providing innovative programs that can respond in a timely manner to societal issues and problems.



Bachelor in Business Administration
Diploma in Business Administration
Bachelor in International Business
Diploma in International Business
Bachelor in Management Information Systems
Diploma in Management Information Systems
Bachelor in Computer Science
Diploma in Computer Science
Bachelor in Hotel Management
Diploma in Hotel Management
Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management
Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management
Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
Diploma in Computerized Accounting
Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts (Cookery)
Diploma in Culinary Arts (Cookery)


Master in Business Administration

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