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Webster University, a worldwide institution, ensures high quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence.

Webster has an extraordinary history that reflects a commitment to serving people who may not otherwise have access to quality education. Also see the Webster University Archives in the Emerson Library.
Founded in 1915: in St. Louis, Missouri, by Sisters of Loretto, a Catholic religious organization, Webster College (originally named Loretto College) was one of the first Catholic women’s colleges west of the Mississippi River. It was progressive for its time, providing higher education to women.

With campuses in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, Webster University has been recognized as a leader in international education for more than 30 years. Visit our international campus sites for more on the national honors, accreditation and recognitions received in their local regions.



Accounting (BS)
Acting (BFA)
Advertising and Marketing Communications (BA)
Animation (BA)
Art History and Criticism (BA)
Art with an Emphasis in Illustration (BFA)
Art with Emphasis in Studio Art (BA)
Art with Studio Emphasis (BFA)
Emphasis areas:
Art: Ceramics (BFA)
Art: Drawing (BFA)
Art: Electronic and Time-Based (BFA)
Art: Illustration (BFA)
Art: Painting (BFA)
Art: Photography (BFA)
Art: Printmaking (BFA)
Art: Sculpture (BFA)
Audio Production (BA)
Audio Production: International Audio Production (BA)
Biological Sciences (BS)
Biological Sciences: Chemistry (BS)
Biological Sciences: Health and Medicine (BS)
Biological Sciences: Research and Technology (BS)
Biology (BA)
Biology: Biodiversity (BA)
Biology: Education (BA)
Biology: Health Science (BA)
Business Administration (BS)
Chemistry (BS)
Computational Biology (BS)
Computer Science (BS)
Computer Science: Information Technology (BS)
Computer Science: Cybersecurity (BS)
Concert Design (BFA)
Costume Construction (BFA)
Costume Design (BFA)
Criminology (BA)
Cultural Anthropology (BA)
Dance (BA)
Dance: Ballet (BA/BFA)
Dance: Modern (BA/BFA)
Data Analytics (BS)
Directing (BA)
Economics (BA)
Education: Art K-12 (BA)
Education: Early Childhood and Elementary Education (BA)
Education: Elementary Education with a Content Specialization or Minor (BA)
Education: Elementary Education with Special Education (BA)
Education: Foreign Language K-12 (BA)
Education: Middle School (BA)
Education: Secondary English (BA)
Education: Secondary Mathematics (BA)
Education: Secondary Social Studies (BA)
Education: Secondary Unified Science (BA)
Education: Special Education (BA)
Educational Studies (BA)
English (BA)
English: Creative Writing (BA)
English: Literature, Society and Politics (BA)
English: World Drama and Playwriting (BA)
Entrepreneurship (BA)
European Studies (BA)
Exercise Science (BS)
Film, Television & Video Production (BA)
Film Studies (BA)
Finance (BS)
French (BA)
Games and Game Design (BA)
General Studies (BA)
German (BA)
German Studies (BA)
Global Journalism (BA)
History (BA)
Information Management (BS)
Information Systems (BS)
Interactive Digital Media (BA)
International Human Rights (BA)
International Relations (BA)
International Studies (BA)
Journalism (BA)
Legal Studies (BA)
Lighting Design (BFA)
Management (BA)
Management: Human Resources Management (BA)
Management: International Business (BA)
Management: Marketing (BA)
Mathematics (BA/BS)
Media Communications (BA)
Mobile Computing (BS)
Music (BA)
Music: Music Composition (BM)
Music: Instrumental Performance (BM)
Music: Jazz Studies Performance (BM)
Music: Jazz Studies Technology (BM)
Music: Piano Performance (BM)
Music: Songwriting (BM)
Music: Voice Performance (BM)
Music Education: Choral Music (BMEd)
Music Education: Instrumental Music (BMEd)
Musical Theatre (BFA)
Nursing (RN to BSN)
Philosophy (BA)
Philosophy: Ethics and Society (BA)
Photography (BA)
Political Science (BA)
Political Science: Public Law (BA)
Professional Writing (BA)
Psychology (BA/BS)
Psychology: Mental Health (BA)
Public Relations (BA)
Religion and Global Society (BA)
Religious Studies (BA)
Religious Studies: World Religions (BA)
Religious Studies: Religion and the Arts & Humanities (BA)
Religious Studies: Social Sciences (BA)
Scene Design (BFA)
Scene Painting (BFA)
Scriptwriting (BA)
Self-designed Interdisciplinary Major (BA)
Sociology (BA)
Sound Design (BFA)
Spanish (BA)
Speech Communication Studies (BA)
Sports Communications (BA)
Stage Management (BFA)
Technical Direction (BFA)
Theatre Studies and Dramaturgy (BA)
Wig and Makeup Design (BFA)
Women and Gender Studies (BA)
Advertising and Marketing Communications
Animation Production
Art History and Criticism
Audio Production
Data Analytics
Computer Applications
Cultural Anthropology
Dance Technique
Dance Theory
Data Analytics
Drama Studies in London
Educational Psychology
European Studies
Film, Television & Video Production
Film Studies
General Psychology
General Science
German Studies
Graphic Design
Health Psychology
Interactive Digital Media
International Human Rights
International Relations
Legal Studies
Media Communications
Media Literacy
Multicultural Studies
Political Science
Professional Writing
Public Relations
Religious Studies
Speech Communications Studies
Sustainability Studies
Website Design
Website Development
Women and Gender Studies


Business and Organizational Security Management (MA)
Cybersecurity (MS)
Finance (MS)
Forensic Accounting (MS)
Health Care Management (MA)
Human Resources Development (MA)
Human Resources Management (MA)
Information Technology Management (MA)
International Business (MA)
Management and Leadership (MA)
Master of Marketing (MMkt)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
1-Year MBA: Master of Business Administration
Master of Health Administration (MHA)
Masters in Organizational Development (MA)
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Nonprofit Leadership (MA)
Procurement and Acquisitions Management (MA)
Space Systems Operations Management (MS)
Dual Degree in Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Science Management and Leadership (MBA/MS)
Advertising and Marketing Communications (MA)
Communications Management (MA)
Media Communications (MA)
Media Literacy (MA)
New Media Production (MA)
Public Relations (MA)
Art (MA)
Arts Management and Leadership (MFA)
Music (MA)
Music (MM)
School of Education
Applied Educational Psychology
Communication Arts (MA)
Early Childhood Education (MA)
Early Childhood Education (MAT)
Education and Innovation (MA)
Educational Technology (MET)
Elementary Education (MAT)
Mathematics for Educators (MA)
Middle School Education (MAT)
Multimodal Literacy for Global Impact (MA)
Reading (MA)
Secondary School Education (MAT)
Special Education (MA)
Special Education (MAT)
Teaching English as a Second Language (MA)
Counseling (MA)
Criminal Justice (MS)
Environmental Management (MS)
Gerontology (MA)
Global MA in International Relations (GMA)
Human Services (MA)
International Nongovernmental Organizations (MA)
International Human Rights (MA)
International Relations (MA)
Legal Studies (MA)
Nurse Anesthesia (MS)
Nursing (MSN)
Psychology with an Emphasis in Counseling Psychology (MA)
Science Management and Leadership (MS)
Dual Degree in Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Science Management and Leadership (MBA/MS)

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