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The University of Lincoln has been awarded gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework 2017, judged as delivering consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. The University also has established an international reputation for the quality of teaching and research, with academics and students working together on major projects across areas as varied as cancer treatment, water conservation and low-carbon technology.

The University of Lincoln has been commended by the Quality Assurance Agency for its approach to enhancing students’ learning opportunities. Lincoln is ranked as a top 50 UK institution in both The Guardian University Guide 2018 and The Complete University Guide 2017. The University of Lincoln has also been named in the UK’s top ten for student satisfaction by postgraduate and international students in the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2017.
The University of Lincoln’s award-winning campus provides a modern, student-centred environment on the picturesque Brayford Pool marina, where everything you need is either on campus or just a short walk away in the city centre. With its medieval castle and one of the finest cathedrals in Europe, Lincoln is steeped in history and home to galleries, cinemas, shopping, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.



Accountancy and Finance – BA (Hons)
Advertising and Marketing – BA (Hons)
Animal Behaviour and Welfare – BSc (Hons)
Animal Behaviour and Welfare – MBio
Animation – BA (Hons)
Architecture – BA (Hons)
Art History and History – BA (Hons)
Audio Production – BA (Hons)
Automation Engineering – BEng (Hons)
Bachelor of Architecture with Honours – BArch (Hons)
Banking and Finance – (MFin)
Banking and Finance – BSc (Hons)
Biochemistry – BSc (Hons)
Biochemistry – MBio
Biology – BSc (Hons)
Biology – MBio
Biomedical Science – BSc (Hons)
Biomedical Science – MBio
Bioveterinary Science – BSc (Hons)
Bioveterinary Science – MBio
Business and Enterprise Development – BA (Hons)
Business and Finance – BA (Hons)
Business and Management (with Professional Practice) – BA (Hons)
Business and Marketing (with Professional Practice) – BA (Hons)
Business Economics – BA (Hons)
Business Psychology – BSc (Hons)
Business Studies (with Professional Practice) – BA (Hons)
Chemistry – BSc (Hons)
Chemistry – MChem
Chemistry for Drug Discovery and Development – BSc (Hons)
Chemistry for Drug Discovery and Development – MChem
Chemistry with Education – BSc (Hons)
Chemistry with Education – MChem
Chemistry with Mathematics – BSc (Hons)
Chemistry with Mathematics – MChem
Computer Science – BSc (Hons)
Computer Science – MComp
Conservation of Cultural Heritage – BA (Hons)
Creative Advertising – BA (Hons)
Criminology – BA (Hons)
Criminology and Social Policy – BA (Hons)
Criminology and Sociology – BA (Hons)
Dance – BA (Hons)
Design for Exhibition and Museums – BA (Hons)
Drama and English – BA (Hons)
Drama and Theatre – BA (Hons)
Ecology and Conservation – BSc (Hons)
Economics – BSc (Hons)
Economics and Finance – (MEcon)
Economics and Finance – BSc (Hons)
Education – BA (Hons)
Education and Psychology – BSc (Hons)
Electrical Engineering (Control Systems) – BEng (Hons)
Electrical Engineering (Control Systems) – MEng (Hons)
Electrical Engineering (Electronics) – BEng (Hons)
Electrical Engineering (Electronics) – MEng (Hons)
Electrical Engineering (Power and Energy) – BEng (Hons)
Electrical Engineering (Power and Energy) – MEng (Hons)
English – BA (Hons)
English and Creative Writing – BA (Hons)
English and History – BA (Hons)
English and Journalism – BA (Hons)
Events Management – BSc (Hons)
Fashion – BA (Hons)
Film and Television – BA (Hons)
Fine Art – BA (Hons)
Food and Drink Operations and Manufacturing Management – BSc (Hons)
Food and Drink Operations and Manufacturing Management – FdSc
Food Science and Technology – BSc (Hons)
Food Science and Technology – FdSc
Forensic Chemistry – BSc (Hons)
Forensic Chemistry – MChem
Forensic Science – BSc (Hons)
Games Computing – BSc (Hons)
Games Computing – MComp
Geography – BA (Hons)
Geography – BSc (Hons)
Graphic Design – BA (Hons)
Health and Exercise Science – BSc (Hons)
Health and Social Care – BSc (Hons)
History – BA (Hons)
Illustration – BA (Hons)
Interactive Design – BA (Hons)
Interior Architecture and Design – BA (Hons)
International Business Management – BA (Hons)
International Relations – BA (Hons)
International Relations and Politics – BA (Hons)
International Relations and Social Policy – BA (Hons)
International Tourism Management – BA (Hons)
Journalism – BA (Hons)
Journalism and Public Relations – BA (Hons)
Journalism Studies – BA (Hons)
Law – LLB (Hons)
Law and Criminology – LLB (Hons)
Marketing Management – BA (Hons)
Mathematics – BSc (Hons)
Mathematics – MMath
Mathematics and Computer Science – BSc (Hons)
Mathematics and Physics – BSc (Hons)
Mathematics and Physics – MMath
Mechanical Engineering – BEng (Hons)
Mechanical Engineering – MEng (Hons)
Mechanical Engineering (Control Systems) – BEng (Hons)
Mechanical Engineering (Control Systems) – MEng (Hons)
Mechanical Engineering (Power and Energy) – BEng (Hons)
Mechanical Engineering (Power and Energy) – MEng (Hons)
Media Production – BA (Hons)
Media Studies – BA (Hons)
Music – BA (Hons)
Nursing with Registered Nurse (Adult) – BSc (Hons)
Nursing with Registered Nurse (Mental Health) – BSc (Hons)
Paramedic Science – BSc (Hons)
Pharmaceutical Science – BSc (Hons)
Pharmacy – MPharm
Philosophy – BA (Hons)
Photography – BA (Hons)
Physical Education and Sport – BSc (Hons)
Physics – BSc (Hons)
Physics – MPhys
Politics – BA (Hons)
Politics and Social Policy – BA (Hons)
Politics and Sociology – BA (Hons)
Practice Certificate in Non-Medical Prescribing – UG Credit
Product Design – BA (Hons)
Professional Practice – BSc (Hons)
Psychology – BSc (Hons)
Psychology with Clinical Psychology – BSc (Hons)
Psychology with Forensic Psychology – BSc (Hons)
Public Relations – BA (Hons)
Science Foundation Year
Social Policy – BA (Hons)
Social Policy and Sociology – BA (Hons)
Sociology – BA (Hons)
Sport and Exercise Science – BSc (Hons)
Sport Development and Coaching – BSc (Hons)
Sports Business Management – BA (Hons)
Strength and Conditioning in Sport – BSc (Hons)
Zoology – BSc (Hons)
Zoology – Mbio


21st Century Literature – MA
Accounting – MSc
Accounting and Finance – MSc
Advanced Clinical Practice – MSc
Advanced Clinical Practice (Primary Care) – MSc
Advanced Clinical Practice (Urgent Care) – MSc
Agri-food Technology – MSc
Analytical Sciences – MSc
Applied Mathematics – MPhil/PhD
Applied Mathematics – MSc by Research
Architecture – MArch Global Practice
Architecture- Research Opportunities – MPhil/PhD
Art – MA by Research
Art – MPhil/PhD
Biotechnology – MSc
Business School – Research Opportunities – MPhil/PhD
Chemistry – MSc by Research /MPhil/PhD
Choreography – MA
Clinical Animal Behaviour – MSc
Computational Physics – MPhil/PhD
Computational Physics – MSc by Research
Computer Science – MPhil/PhD
Computer Science – MSc
Computer Science By Research – MSc
Conservation – MA by Research
Conservation of Cultural Heritage – MA
Conservation of Cultural Heritage – MPhil/PhD
Conservation Studies – Graduate Diploma
Creative Writing – MA
Creative Writing – MPhil/PhD
Criminology – MPhil/PhD
Crisis and Disaster Management – MSc
Culture and Heritage Management – MA
Design – MA
Design – MPhil/PhD
Design for Exhibition and Museums – MA
Developmental Psychology – MSc
Digital Media – MA
Drama – MA
Drama – MPhil/PhD
Education – MA
Education – PhD (Professional)
Educational Research and Development – MPhil/PhD
Engineering – MPhil/PhD
Engineering – MSc by Research
Engineering Management – MSc
English – MA by Research
English – MPhil/PhD
English Studies – MA
Erasmus Mundus Master Advanced Development in Social Work – EMMA
Events Management – MSc
Fashion Management – MSc
Finance – MSc
Fine Art – MA
Food Manufacturing and Technology – MPhil/PhD
Forensic Psychology – MSc
Forensic Science – MSc by Research /MPhil/PhD
Forensic Science – MSc
Gender Studies – MA
Geography – MA by Research
Geography – MSc by Research
Graphic Design – MA
Health and Social Care Integration and Innovation – MSc
Health and Social Care Research Opportunities – MPhil/PhD
Healthcare in Secure Environments – MSc
Historical Studies – MA
History – MA by Research
History – MPhil/PhD
Human Geography – MPhil/PhD
Human Resource Management Full Time – MSc
Human Resource Management Part Time – MSc
Intelligence Systems – MSc
Interior Architecture and Design – MA
International Business – MSc
International Business Economics – MSc
International Business Law – LLM
International Investment Banking – MSc
International Law – LLM
International Relations – MA
International Relations – MPhil/PhD
Interprofessional Practice (Approved Mental Health Professional) – PG Dip
Journalism – MA by Research
Journalism – MA
Journalism – MPhil/PhD
Journalism (Arts) – MA
Journalism (Digital) – MA
Journalism (Science and Environment) – MA
Journalism (Sports) – MA
Journalism (War and International Human Rights) – MA
Law – MPhil/PhD
Life Sciences – MPhil/PhD
Life Sciences – MSc by Research
Logistics and Global Operations – MSc
Management – MSc
Management and International Relations – MSc
Marketing – MSc
Marketing with Luxury Brands – MSc
Master of Architecture – MArch
Master of Business Administration (Full-time) – MBA
Master of Business Administration (Part-time) – MBA
Mechanical Engineering – MSc
Media & Cultural Studies – MA by Research
Media (including by practice) – MPhil/PhD
Media and Cultural Studies (Research) – MPhil/PhD
Media, Film and TV Production – MA
Medieval Studies – MA
Microbial Biotechnology – MSc
Microbiology – MSc
Nineteenth Century Studies – MA
Performing Arts Research Opportunities – MPhil/PhD
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences – MPhil/PhD
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences – MSc by Research
Photography – MA
Physical Geography – MPhil/PhD
Physiotherapy (pre-registration) – MSc
Politics – MA
Politics – MPhil/PhD
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Primary) – PGCE
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary) – PGCE
Postgraduate Certificate in Non-Medical Prescribing/Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing (Level 7, Level M) – PG Cert
Professional Practice and Management in Architecture – PG Dip
Project Management – MSc
Psychological Research Methods – MSc
Psychology – DClinPsy
Psychology – Research Opportunities – MSc by Research /MPhil/PhD
Public Relations – MA
Pure Mathematics – MPhil/PhD
Pure Mathematics – MSc by Research
Social Policy – MPhil/PhD
Social Sciences – MPhil/PhD
Social Work – MSc
Social Work Advanced Professional Practice – MSc
Specialist Practice Frail Older Adults for Health and Social Care – MSc
Sport and Exercise Science/Sports Studies – MPhil/PhD
Sport and Exercise Science/Sports Studies – MSc by Research
Sport Science – MSc
Sports Therapy – MSc
Studies in Media and Culture – MA
Tourism and Marketing – MSc

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