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Located in one of Canada’s most beautiful National Historic Sites, Royal Roads University has a long history of excellence. In 2015, we celebrated 75 years of leadership and learning – 55 years as a military college and 20 years as a public applied research university.

We understand the needs and aspirations of our students, and we’ve created options to deliver an educational experience that fits your lifestyle. Our cohort model features group-based course work, providing a resource of like-minded peers for you to share, challenge and grow with throughout your program. Even after graduation, these groups continue to support your aspirations to ensure your life changing experience with us has enabled not only professional transformation, but a personal one as well.

The programs offered at Royal Roads University provide our learners with the tools and techniques required to be effective after graduation. Whether you’re looking for a new career or want to improve your standing, financially and professionally, within your current organization, our blended learning model of online courses and intensive, on-campus residencies lets you use what you learn, today.



Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Practice
Bachelor of Arts in Global Tourism Management
Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel Management
Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Practice
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
Certificate in Environmental Practice


M.A in Conflict Analysis and Management
M.A in Disaster and Emergency Management
M.A in Educational Leadership and Management
M.A in Environment and Management
M.A in Environmental Education and Communication
M.A in Environmental Practice
M.A in Global Leadership
M.A in Higher Education Administration and Leadership
M.A in Human Security and Peacebuilding
M.A in Intercultural and International Communication
M.A in Interdisciplinary Studies
M.A in Justice Studies
M.A in Leadership
M.A in Learning and Technology
M.A in Professional Communication
M.A in Tourism Management
MBA in Executive Management
Master of Global Management
MSc in Environment and management
MSc in Environmental Practice
Graduate Diploma in Conflict Analysis and Management
Graduate Diploma in Human Security and Peacebuilding
Graduate Diploma in Justice Studies
Graduate Diploma in Learning and Technology
Graduate Certificate in Advanced Coaching Practices
Graduate Certificate in Change Management
Graduate Certificate in Corporate Social Innovation
Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching
Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design
Graduate Certificate in Leadership
Graduate Certificate in Project Management
Graduate Certificate in Strategic Global Communication
Graduate Certificate in Tourism Management
Graduate Certificate in Values-Based Leadership
Graduate Certificate in Workplace Innovation
Doctor of Social Sciences

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