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Reasons to pursue studies in Malaysia

Ask students across the world what their preferred study destinations are and the answer will most probably include the following; the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and Germany. The reason for this are multiple but all of them rational. Some of the world’s best universities are located in one of these nations. The UK can be proud of its barrage of prestigious redbrick Universities, the US has perhaps the most illustrious research facilities, Germany offers some of the most interesting courses in the world with their unique teaching methodology, while Canada and Australia can offer students the most engaging mixture of student life both academically and personally with their vibrant societies. However, all these perks come at a price. And that price is exuberantly expensive. A student in Pakistan will need to set aside at least 50-60 lakhs in order to afford the tuition, accommodation and other expenses for just one year at most of these institutions. And although Germany is tuition free, the growing list of requirements like German language proficiency, GMAT/GRE scores, necessary work experience and 2 years Masters programs that are typically of one year in other countries is overshadowing its initial appeal to students.

Hence, students have begun looking at other more affordable and reasonable options that offer the same quality education while being on the more affordable side. And in those efforts, one country has managed to become the destination of choice for millions of students internationally; Malaysia. Often considered as of the most progressive nations in the region, it has welcomed international students to pursue their goals at their institutions while students that have qualified from there have also had only positive glowing reviews for Malaysian institutes.

The culture and society in Malaysia are perhaps the most stimulating feature of the country that draws so many young students to fulfill their ambitions there. Unlike many other popular study destinations in the world, Malaysia considers education a basic human right hence the cost of both the tuition and everyday items is enormously more affordable. For example, the average fee spent on tuition ranges from a minimum of $2,400 to a maximum of $24,500. There are some countries where a student would have to pay almost double in just accommodation fees. There are of course other foreign University campuses too in Malaysia. They cost more but even then, the prices are proverbially “peanuts” compared to their American or British campuses. And despite all this inexpensive numerous scholarship are open for students to make use of. As mentioned earlier, Malaysia considers education a human right rather than a business to exploit international students so all efforts are directed towards ensuring students don’t have to sacrifice quality for the sake of price. Apart from that, cost of accommodation is one of the cheapest in the entire region. A single room would cost a student anywhere from 300 (77 USD) to 450 Malaysian ringgits (115 USD). While other expenses like transportation and food would cost 700-950 ringgits. For the whole year, the cost of living for a student in Malaysia can be expected to be anywhere from 12,000 RM (3081 USD) to 17,000 ringgits (4365 USD) per year.

Although the official language of Malaysia is Malay, the dominant language across academia is English. It allows for an easier settling in of students from across the world who are able to communicate with both their classmates and professors. Students will also find English a common language in the society which allows them to take full advantage of the Malaysian life and experience it to the maximum.

The Malaysian weather has a moderate sense to it. Plenty of rain, high humidity and more or less the same temperature throughout the year. Malaysia’s geographical location near the equator allows it to have a unique state of cloudless sky in the dry season. There are cases when there is no direct sunlight in the north eastern region due to the monsoon season.

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