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Bellerbys College is a series of three (formerly four) private international boarding schools based in the UK (Cambridge, London and Brighton, and until 2017 Oxford), owned by Study Group International who also operate language schools under the name Embassy. Bellerbys College is coeducational, and teaches students from over 120 different countries.

Bellerbys College offers Pre GCSE and GCSE courses over 3 or 4 terms (1 year), A Level courses over 6 terms (2 years), 5 terms (1½ years) or 3 terms (1 year). The 5 term programme starts in January or April and is suited to students from countries whose academic year is not the standard September to June year.
The college also offers a foundation programme in which students choose from one of 7 subject streams: Business, Finance and Management, Law and International Relations, Engineering and Computer Science, Management Computing Systems, Science and Pharmacy, Art and Design and Humanities. The Bellerbys College foundation programme is recognised by more than 50 UK universities including Bristol,Nottingham, Leeds,and Lancaster.The Bellerbys College foundation programme is taught and examined to the same standards as A Levels, where applicable, and enables students to prepare for entry into a specific field of study at university while also improving their English and study skills.
In 2009 Bellerbys College introduced a new programme at level 4 of the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications leading to direct entry to year 2 of an undergraduate programme at a UK university. The Undergraduate Year 1 in Business and Management is validated by the University of Sussex and offered at the London campus of Bellerbys College. Bellerbys College also offers the English Language Preparation Programme as well as IELTS express over 6 weeks.



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